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Name: Mr.Lucksananoi Punkrasamee
Director Type: Member of Nomination and Reneration Committee
Age: 63 years
Nationality: Thai
1973 - Bechelor  Degree in Accounting, Chulalongkron University
1986 - Master Degree (MBA), Chulalongkron University
  - Certificate in Management Development Program,
  The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
  - Certificate in Inno - Leadership program,
  INSEAD University (France)
2008 - Certificate “Executive development Program”
  Graduate School of business, Columbia University
Director Training Program: Director Certification Program (DCP)
Company Shareholdings: None
Year of Directorship: 2 year
Position in Other Companies:    
2014 - Present - Advisor to Vice President-Finance and Investment & CEO
  The Siam Cement Public Company Limited
2014 - Present - Chairman of the Board of Directors,
  Origin Property Public Company Limited
2005 - 2012
- Managing Director
  SCG Accounting Services Co., Ltd.
2004 - 2005 - Corporate Accounting Director
  Thai Siam Cement Public Company Limited.
2015 - Present - Independent Director
  Nokscoot Airlines Co., Ltd.
Not having any, direct or indirect, stake holder's benefit as a contract partner in
any business concerning the Company and its subsidiaries.