Car for Cash's Loans

Namely, the business of giving consumer credit using vehicle owneship licenses as collateral, which is currently very competitive.
It is also a business in which there will be many, many players in the future, due to the possible high financial returns depending on the marketing strategies deployed by each player to attract more customers than other players - such as: rate of interest charged, length of installment payment terms, or speedy services. However, based on the Company’s policy regarding the car for cash business; namely: being the No.1 choice for SME business operators, who need credit services that meet their exact busness needs; the Company has, thus, clearly defined its targeted customer groups together with the associated competitive sales strategies, in order to meet the targeted customers’ needs in focusing on speed and quality of services - which has then enabled the Company to expand its customer base - together with on its operating procedures and its dedicated sales teams having direct relevant experience in this business.