Board of Directors

Mr. Bibit Bijaisoradat
Mr. Bibit Bijaisoradat
Chairman of Nomination and Remuneration Committee / Member of Audit Committee / Independent Director
Date of Appointment : 13 May 2009
Age (Year) : 58
Other present position in other Company
Listed Company None listed Company Other company (competitive or similar company)
Total Type of director Total Total
1 Chairman of the Board, Sammakorn PCL. 4 -
1983 Bachelor Degree, Political Science in International Relations, Chulalongkorn University
1985 MBA Business Administration, NIDA
  • Director Certification Program (DCP)
  • Audit Committee Program (ACP)
  • Improving the Quality of Financial Reporting (QFR) Thai Institute of Directors (IOD)
  • Succession & Effective Lead ship Development (CEO)
Work Experiences in other Listed Companies
2002 - 2018 Thai Insurance PCL Chairman of the Board / Audit Committee / Nominating & Remuneration
2002 - Present Sammakorn PCL Chairman of the Board
2003 - 2015 RPCG PCL. Director
Other Working Experiences
2000 - Present Mongkol Chaipattana Co. Ltd. Managing Director
2000 - 2017 H. M. Private Property Office Assistant Manager
2000 - Present H. M. Private Development Projects Vice Director
2001 - Present Suvarnachad Co., Ltd. Director
2003 - Present Ruam Thanu Thai Co., Ltd. Director
2006 - 2015 Pure Summakorn Development Co.Ltd. Director
Relevant Important Positions
2012 - Present SG Capital Co., Ltd Director

Relation among Family with other Directors and Executives : None

Not having any lawsuit case in the past 10 years.

Not having any, direct or indirect, stake holder’s benefit as a contract partner in any business concerning the Company and its subsidiaries.

Not being a director or executive in any business which may cause conflicts of interest or having a business competition with the company and its subsidiaries.