Board of Directors

Mr. Piya Pong-acha
Mr. Piya Pong-acha
Chairman of Executive Committee / Director
Date of Appointment : 12 May 2016
Age (Year) : 48
Other present position in other Company
Listed Company None listed Company Other company (competitive or similar company)
Total Type of director Total Total
2 Director/Executive Director JMT Network Services PCL. 3 -
  Vice Chief Executive Officer Jaymart PCL.    
1994 Bachelor Degree in Business Administration Kasem Bundit University
2011 Director Accreditation Program (DAP) The Thai Institute of Directors Association
Work Experiences in other Listed Companies
Jan 2018 - Present Jaymart PCL. Vice Chief Executive Officer
2012 - Present JMT Network Services PCL Director / Executive Director
2012 - 2017 JMT Network Services PCL CEO
1998 - 2012 JMT Network Services PCL. Marketing Director
Other Working Experiences
2013 - Present J Asset Company Limited Director
2013 - Present J Insurance Broker Co., Ltd. Director
2011 - Present JMT Plus Company Limited. Director
Relevant Important Positions
2016 - Present SG Capital Co.,Ltd. Director

Relation among Family with other Directors and Executives : None

Not having any lawsuit case in the past 10 years.

Not being a director or executive in any business which may cause conflicts of interest or having a business competition with the company and its subsidiaries.