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In 1889, Singer Sewing Company of the United States appointed Kiam Hua Heng Company Limited as the distributor of Singer sewing machines in Thailand. Later,

In 1905, Singer Sewing Company of the United States established a branch operation in Thailand under the name Singer Sewing Machine Company Limited; to distribute imported sewing machines and other related products.

In 1925, The Company introduced its easy installment plan to consumers. This service has become an integral part of Singer’s business in Thailand and in many other Asian countries. For the next 50 years, the Company continued to sell sewing products to customers throughout Thailand.

In 1957, the Company began selling refrigerators and has subsequently introduced a full range of household electrical appliances.

In 1969, November 24th, Singer Thailand Company Limited was established as a Thai company to take over the business of the Singer Sewing Machine Company Limited, which subsequently ceased operations. Singer Thailand Company Limited began with a registered capital of Baht 60 million. At present it has a registered capital of Baht 270 million, which is fully issued and paid-up.

In 1984, June 28th, The Company was also approved as a registered and listed company on the Stock Exchange of Thailand.

In 1994, January 4th, the Company was registered as a public limited company. Since its conception, the Company has conducted business with honesty, integrity, and responsibility within Thai society and has contributed to Thailand’s economic development.

In 2004, May 24th, This was a most auspicious day for the Company when His Royal Majesty the King graciously bestowed a Garuda emblem to Singer Thailand Public Company Limited as a Company under the patronage of His Royal Majesty the King. This is the highest honor in the Company’s history and the proudest moment for the company and all of its employees.