Company Subsidiary

SG Capital Co. Ltd. (SGC)

SG Capital Company Limited (SGC or the Company) is 99.99% owned by Singer Company Thailand Public Company Limited (Singer Thailand PCL.). SGC started its operations on 27 June, 2012 under the name of Singer Leasng (Thailand) Co., Ltd., with a registered and fully paid up capital of Baht 1,450 million and with its registered office at 72 CAT Telecom Tower, Floor 17, Charoen Krung Road, Bangrak, Bangkok, through the transfer of the hire-purchase loans business together with all the associated loans receivables portfolio assets from Singer Thailand Pcl., so as to then operate the hire-purchase loans business thereafter. As such, this complete transfer of the hire-purchase loans business was approved by a resolution of the Boad of Directors of Singer Thailand Pcl., at the Board Meeting held on 26 November, 2012; whereby SGC was to undertake the hirepurchase loans services for various home appliances sold under the SINGER brand. SGC was also assigned to expand its loans services for other brands of home appliances together with other loan products to be offered to existing Singer Thailand and also non-Singer Thailand customers in the future, so as to grow its business on a sustainable basis.

On 25 July, 2016, the Company’s Board of Directors approved a resolution to change the company’s name from Singer Leasing (Thailand) Co., Ltd., to be Singer Capital Co., Ltd., (SGC); whereby only the name of the corporate entity was changed.

SG Service Plus Co., Ltd. (SGS)

SG Service Plus Co. Ltd. is a Subsidiary Company, in which Singer Thailand Pcl. has a 99.96% shareholding, started operations on 7 Sepetember, 2012.

SG Service Plus Co., Ltd., (SSPL), Business License No.0105504001951, with a total registered capital of Baht 5 million and its registered offices at 8, Moo 4, Samkok -Sena Road, Bangnomkho, Amphur Sena, Pranakon Sri Ayutthaya Province 13110, operates after sales services for the installation, repairs, and maintenance of all types and brands of electrical appliances together with selling the associated accessories or spare parts under the control of Singer Thailand Pcl. As such, the company aims to be a top-quality provider of after sales services just like your immediate neighborhood appliance repairman. The company changed its corporate name on July 25, 2016; whereby the company’s Board of Directors passed a resolution to change the company’s name from Singer Service Plus Co., Ltd., (SSPL) to be SG Service Co., Ltd., (SGS), through changing only the company’s name.

SG Broker Co., Ltd. (SGB)

SG Broker Co., Ltd. effected a capital increase on 18 December, 2015; and currently has a registered and paid up capital of Baht 4 million (with a total of 40,000 shares at a par value of Baht 100.00 per share), whereby Singer Thailand Pcl. has a 99.9% equity shareholding. On 25 July, 2016 the Board of Directors of the Company resolved to change and register the name of Singer (Broker) Co., Ltd. to be SG Broker Co., Ltd. (SGB), whereby changed only the name of the juristic person.