Shareholders' Meeting

Minutes of Annual Genneral Metting of Shareholders Download
Minutes of the Fifty-First (54th) Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (Thai Version)
Notice of the Fifty (54th) Annual General Meeting of Shareholders
Notification to change the format of meeting from physical to be the Electronic Meeting (E-AGM) format only and cancel the venue for the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders No.54.
Invitation to the 54th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders
1. Form of registration (must be presented at the meeting)
2. Copy of Minutes of the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders No. 1/2020, held on November 6, 2020.
3. 2020 Annual Report as QR Code which shows on the Form of registration, comprising of the annual report of the Board of Directors and Statement of Financial Position and the Statements of Comprehensive Income ended December 31, 2020.
4. Name List and Biography of Directors to be elected as Directors to replace those retiring by Rotation.
5. Qualifications of independent directors
6. Appointment of the Company Directors, Audit Committee, NRC Committee and Independent Directors
7. Names of auditors, details of the audit fee and names of subsidiaries which use the same auditors
8. Information of independent directors nominated as proxy at shareholders not attending shareholders meeting
9. Explanation on how to appoint proxy, registration for and vote at the meeting.
10. Articles of Association of the Company relating to meeting of shareholders.
11. Proxy Form
- Proxy Form A
- Proxy Form B
- Proxy Form C
13. Annual Report Requisition Form.
14.Map of the place where meeting is held.

Criteria for shareholders to propose AGM agenda Download
Criteria for the shareholder to propose an annual general shareholders' meeting agenda and nominate director for the year 2021